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25. April 2019

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón: de la publicidad a la literatura

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Expresiones con partes del cuerpo

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Olvera: En la Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos

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Rosalía: la joven promesa del flamenco fusión

Of Course: Learn Languages with the Academia Andaluza

  • Spanish on the road

    Spanish on the Road I is born from the fusion of two great passions: the inspiration and motivation for our work as Spanish teachers and the love for Andalusia….

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  • Spanish for school classes

    We offer special courses designed specifically for school classes. Your students will deepen their knowledge while enjoying a firsthand experience of the Spanish language and culture and will come…

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  • Spanish Superintensive Course

    This course is for students who want to study hard and learn a lot over a short period of time. If you have a Bildungsurlaub, this course is perfect…

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  • Spanish Intensive Course

    This course is for students who want to learn Spanish a bit more in depth.

    Schedule: 10 am – 1:30 pm from Monday to Friday (including a half-hour break)

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  • Conversation Course

    In this course you can learn about the many aspects of Hispanic culture. It include activities and exercises on a wide range of topics so you can practise your…

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  • Courses for Spanish Teachers

    These courses are designed for teachers in primary and secondary education who wish to learn the ropes of teaching Spanish as a foreign language or who simply want to…

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  • Individual tuition ‘One to One’

    Two hours every day from Monday to Friday. Every teacher devotes himself/herself exclusively to a single pupil.

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  • Individual tuition à la carte

    One-hour lessons where the student decides which skills he/she wants to refresh or acquire. This type of course can also be combined with other courses.

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  • D.E.L.E.

    The Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language DELE is an official certificate issued by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. It…

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  • Spanish A level and leaving certificate prep courses

    If you are taking Spanish for your A levels or leaving certificate and wish to be in top shape for your exams, Academia Andaluza has the perfect course for…

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Combine your Spanish course with a surf workshop!

Do you want to learn languages and ride the waves of the Atlantic? Then why not pick up speed and take off with our surf course.

Lets dance!

Combine your Spanish course with a flamenco workshop – and just look awesome!


Come and discover our language school in Conil to learn spanish on the ‘Costa de la Luz’! My team and I can’t wait to get you passionate about our language and the many aspects of the Spanish culture. Our approach is based on teaching methods that have been tried and tested over more than 30 years since the Academia Andaluza came to exist. We rely on our ambitious team of teachers and offer plenty of activities outside the classroom, including day trips. With a maximum of 8 students, groups are kept small to guarantee the best results learning spanish. First and foremost, we value quality, and this has earned us the much sought-after certification of the Instituto Cervantes.

Isabel Tomé Jiménez 
Director and founder
of the Academia Andaluza

What our students say...



“A song of praise for the Academia! Rarely have I met people who did their job with such enthusiasm. This is how I like to learn Spanish!”



I first came to Academia Andaluza 20 years ago, and I have been back regularly ever since. The warmth of  the people combined with their professional attitude towards their job and a wide variety of courses to choose from are complemented by the pure and natural environment of Conil and its surroundings.

Each time you start a new course, your current level of language skills is assessed to make sure you join the right group. In my case, this was the key to my success in learning.

During our day trips and other activities we had the chance to practise what we learned in class, and to mingle with the locals.

Among other things, these are the reasons why I will definitely keep coming back to the Academia Andaluza in the future.



I knew for sure that I wanted to go abroad to learn Spanish before finishing school. I decided to go to Conil, and I had a fabulous time at the Academia Andaluza, enjoying the amazing blue sky and the extraordinary Spanish classes. I learned a lot, and I have very good memories.



Learning Spanish à la carte: The teachers at the Academia Andaluza possess the seventh sense. They make sure you get the best learning results while enjoying yourself in the process. Learning Spanish at the Academia Andaluza has nothing to do with stress. It is the perfect mix of intense training and lots of fun.

In 2001 I took my first course at the Academia Andaluza in Conil. I didn’t know a word of  Spanish and started out with a lot of respect for the new language. With endless patience, a good sense of humour and great teaching skills, my teacher Foncu showed me the first steps of learning Spanish. You only had to give him this puzzled, clueless look, and he would read your every wish from your eyes.

I remember how proud we were when we were taken on a guided tour around town and were able to more or less follow the explanations of the guide which had been lovingly simplified so we would get it! What a sense of accomplishment when we confidently blared out ‘un cortado, por favor’ at the bar during the morning break or when we clumsily managed to order a couple of tapas!

A few years have passed since then, and  yes, you may say I am a repeater. I have just returned from my fifth course. Although there have been longer periods between courses due to my job obligations, each time I came back I was put in a course level that would launch me a bit further. How you do this, dear teachers of the Academia Andaluza, remains a mystery to me.

On my fourth course y was really lucky. It so happened that I was the only student of my level, and so I had Carmen, the teacher, entirely for myself. At the end of the first week I was completely exhausted, but suddenly it all clicked into place: I couldn’t wait to open my mouth and start talking and communicating with people. Carmen had helped me to gather all the tools. The big surprise came on the following weekend, when on a lonely trip to Grazalema I caught myself listening spellbound to a Spanish radio programme about books on unique and long forgotten musical instruments.

I also had a great time outside the classroom. So many stimulating encounters and new friends! We did short trips all over the South of Andalusia: we went to Gibraltar, where you cross a runway and suddenly find yourself in England (!), then to Seville one day in November, where we stopped at a bar, freezing and exhausted after a sightseeing tour, and a total stranger of a bar keeper wordlessly put three huge brandies on the counter, one for each of us, as soon as we walked in the door.

The one thing I haven’t been able to do despite several attempts is say hello to the whales and dolphins in the Straits of Gibraltar. But you always have to have something to look forward to!

I can’t wait to get back to Conil to the warm welcome from Isabel and her team who make you feel as if you were coming home, to listen to the sound of the sea that can be heard even in the classroom, to do the things you do almost ritually when you have been there a few times. Manolo, the bar keeper from El Punto, will be behind his counter tapping the best beer you can get in Conil, silently but in perfect harmony with his clients. Oh, and I almost forgot, there’s Cape Trafalgar waiting for me with unbeatable sunsets!



“I haven’t had this much fun in a long time! At the Academia Andaluza I was received as if I was an old friend. Classes were so entertaining and effective at the same time that I truly enjoyed going there every day, although I was on holiday… y hablo español naturalmente!

In the afternoon (after finishing homework!) I used to treat myself…off to the vast and beautiful beach! And in the evenings I was out and about for some delicious tapas at the local bars. What better way to spend a great holiday?”



In the summer of 2010, I received a notification from the COMENIUS Programme for Lifelong Learning that I had been accepted on a course for Spanish teachers starting in October. How lucky I was! I was given permission to do it at the Academia Andaluza in Conil. I anticipated how much I would enjoy to be a student again, to speak Spanish and share my experiences with other teachers.

It couldn’t have been any better, because our course consisted of two Germans who teach Spanish in Germany and a Spanish native teacher-to-be. Of course the working conditions in such a small group were perfect. Our beloved teacher Carmen had prepared several lessons on the theory of foreign language teaching. We started with a review of the European Reference Framework for Languages, the competencies, and the various methodological approaches, etc.

After refreshing the theory, we soon switched to real life scenarios: how can these theories be put to practice in my daily classroom situations? Carmen helped us to work through examples, and we had the great opportunity to benefit from her vast experience and wealth of creative ideas. Each day she showed us ‘otro truco’ from her teaching practice as well as her favourite teaching materials. Especially her view of the German teachers of Spanish and the typical mistakes they make enriched our repertoire of teaching aids. My personal favourite was the ‘web del día’. In each lesson, Carmen introduced different websites that would serve as a visual stimulant or contain a compilation of teaching materials, ideas, cases of doubt, etc., all of which are useful for us teachers of Spanish. Back at home, I now use all of these things in my classes, and receive a lot of positive feedback for it.

Oh yes, and while I was going back to school, my little daughters took a few lessons with Isabel and are now very excited about learning Spanish!

Anngret Lieb, Jena



My name is Teresa Gonzalez. In October 2010 I participated in a three weeks course for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language at the Academia Andaluza.

I had no previous experience or knowledge about learning how to teach Spanish, since my background is in teaching general basic education, but my curiosity as well as the idea of going back to teaching in the future led me to this course.

The first thing I realised was that I had to take a whole new approach to teaching altogether, by applying a methodology especially designed for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. For me, this was a real challenge.

The course is divided into a theoretical part and a closely related practical one, in which we practised what we had learnt with real students in real time.

I felt very lucky to be able to work with highly qualified teachers and to have two German classmates who teach Spanish back in Germany. I think we made an excellent team, because I learnt a lot from their professional attitude while they benefited from my knowledge of the Spanish language as a native speaker.

This year I will go back to continue my training. I warmly recommend this course to all teachers of Spanish, whether native or foreign, because it allows you to enjoy and share your experience, to learn new approaches to language teaching and to discover a multitude of interesting didactic resources.


Landesschule Pforta

In May 2012 nineteen students from the German public boarding school (PFORTA) spent a one-week language holiday in the Academia Andaluza in Conil. It was an unforgettable experience for students and teachers.

Read some of their testimonials.


We spent the week from 19thto 26thof May 2012 in Conil de la Frontera in southern Spain. This was a language trip, so we had four hours of tuition in the Academia Andaluza per day. The course turned out to be very different from our everyday learning in Germany, because our teacher could not speak German, and so we had to describe everything in Spanish without knowing the German translation. We therefore had a very practical experience of the Spanish language. The school had organized the entire trip, including our accommodation. We were housed in small two-bedroom apartments and had to prepare our own breakfast and usually dinner as well. Having to take care of ourselves was a lot of fun and a very good experience. A three course lunch was served every day in a restaurant which was usually delicious. Day trips to Cadiz and Seville were very well organized and were guided by Isabel, director of the Academia Andaluza, who informed us very extensively about the history and other interesting aspects of these cities. In addition, our guide Carlos took us to the beach a few times. This was a nice idea, and we especially enjoyed the beach volleyball games and the dips in the sea.

All in all it was a very nice trip and we were all quite sad when it was over, but I’m sure we will be back one day.


Language trip to Conil de la Frontera

After 2 years of learning Spanish at home it was high time to put our language skills to the test. I flew with my class to the Costa de la Luz. Our daily programme was structured so that we had Spanish classes in the mornings at the Academia Andaluza, and in the afternoon had free time for ourselves or went to explore the area (Sevilla and Cádiz). Our teacher Jesús was very motivated to help us improve our Spanish, and so we had fun learning new things and repeating what we already knew. The excursions were very interesting and were enriched by plenty of information (in Spanish) from our guide Isabel (director of the school).

This trip showed me that there is a lot to see in the world and that my Spanish skills are already sufficient to make myself understood!


Review Academia Andaluza 19th to 26thMay 2012

The week in Conil de la Frontera at the Academia Andaluza was something I will remember for a long time, because it was a positive experience throughout. The warm welcome by Isabel and Carlos made me feel at home right from the start, and this feeling lasted the whole week. Both Isabel and Carlos took us on excursions and spent the evenings with us, always present with heart and soul, thus bringing us the Spanish culture quite a bit closer. In class with Jesús, we freshened up what we already knew and also learned a lot of new things. In his open and friendly manner, he taught us the basics of the Spanish language and at the same time showed us how we can apply them in the real world. Especially the trips to the local market and the Ruta del Atúnwere very interesting and instructive. The beautiful accommodation and friendly service in the nearby Spanish restaurant also helped to make this week a very nice experience in southern Andalusia.

I think that if I had the chance, then I would definitely go to Conil de la Frontera again to attend another Spanish course at the Academia Andaluza.


I really enjoyed the week in the Academia Andaluza. It was fantastic! It was a mix of different activities, so it was really a bit of everything: a tour around the town including the food market, beach volleyball in bright sunshine and pleasant water temperatures, trips with plenty of information about Spain and, of course, the most important thing: the Spanish lessons which we enjoyed in the mornings in small groups at the school. During these hours we had a lot of fun and have deepened our knowledge.

It was a very memorable experience to learn with you at the school, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the Spanish culture and history and wants to learn the language. Thank you for a beautiful and eventful week!


I think our week in Spain was both educational and eventful. In the language course at the Academia Andaluza we improved our basic knowledge and gained new insights into the Spanish language. Our teacher Jesús showed us that lessons can be fun even during the holidays, when you normally would not want to go to school. His refreshing and fun way of teaching made the lessons very enjoyable for us. The direct interaction with people in Conil helped a lot to improve our language skills. In our free time we walked to the beach, equipped with sun cream and towel. The beach itself was absolutely stunning. The excursions to the nearby cities such as Seville and Cádiz, where we learned a lot about the culture and history of Spain were extremely interesting and also memorable, especially because we were given some time on our own there.

In summary it was a successful, varied and exciting week in Spain. I would not hesitate to spend another magnificent week there again!


We spent the week from 19th to 26th of May 2012 in Conil de La Frontera, a beautiful town on the Atlantic coast. I really liked our accommodation, because we had a wonderful roof terrace with sea views and spacious apartments where we cooked some nice meals. However, this was actually not necessary since we were fed huge portions at lunchtime which left us full for the rest of the day. In my opinion, I would prefer to reduce the amount of food served at lunch and rather have the students decide what and when they want to eat. The Spanish tuition was very helpful in improving our language skills, although it may have been even more efficient if the groups had been divided according to the students’ entry test results. The absolute highlights were of course the very interesting guided tours to Seville and Cádiz, but too little time for personal exploration.

All in all, I enjoyed the trip very much and I think it helped the solidarity and social cohesion within our group and gave us a feeling of independence. I would participate in such a trip at any time again, as it has enriched my experience.


Spain 2012 – review

From Berlin to Malaga to Conil and back again. One week Spain: five days language training, excursions to Cádiz and Seville, accommodation, food, travel and school – incredible! On a scale of 1 – 10 I‘d give it a 17. The four of us guys had a spacious 3 bedroom apartment with private bathroom, TV and kitchen for ourselves. Each day we were served lunch with appetizer and dessert. We spent one and a half days on the road exploring the area and its people, and we enjoyed first-class tuition with teacher Maty. All of this has made this trip unforgettable. Once we were south of the Pyrenees it was, above all, the people, the Spanish mentality and the entire ambience which accompanied us and shaped our journey. Whether we came to meet complete strangers on the street or were greeted by the school’s director Isabel, we were always received with a smile. The weather played along as well; except for a brief rain shower the sun was shining throughout the whole week. After all, it wasn’t a holiday, but a language trip, so I would like to say a few words about the tuition. In just one week we repeated and consolidated nearly all the material from one and a half years of learning at home. We used our basic knowledge to communicate with Maty who did not speak German and urged us not to use dictionaries. This wasn’t always easy but it worked and made the lessons unique and very efficient.

In summary, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this incredible journey. Thank you!



Before or our trip to Conil I had never taken part in a language course and therefore was anxiously looking forward to this week. Upon arrival I was already impressed by the roof terrace of our apartment with very nice sea views. Also, courtesy of the school, we were given a stack of postcards and a supply of bottled water for the first few days. The trip to Seville on Sunday was very interesting thanks to the guided tour by Isabel who explained everything in Spanish so we would understand. It was a bit unfortunate that we didn’t have enough time to visit the city’s famous cathedral. I also really enjoyed the other recreational activities organized by the school, my favourite being a flamenco dance show and the time we had on the beach, but also the visit to the “Cámara Oscura” in Cadiz and the paella evening on our last day. The tapas tour was a good opportunity to try something typical from the local cuisine, although I would have preferred to choose the tapas myself. The Spanish lessons were very clear and well designed. For me it was good to go over the material we had already studied at home, and I also lot of new vocabulary. The lessons flew by. During our visit to a typical market in Conil we were able to apply what we had learned.

Overall, the language trip was well worth it. I enjoyed my time in Conil very much and the week was over far too quickly.


I really enjoyed the time at the Academia Andaluza very much. Our stay was well organized and I had a lot of fun on the trips and during leisure time. I think the Spanish lessons were very helpful for my understanding of the language. The best thing was that everybody was so friendly and helpful and that we managed to communicate in Spanish. I felt very comfortable and would like to come again.



In May 2012 I attended a Spanish course with my class at the Academia Andaluza in Conil. I liked it very much, because the classes were informative and fun and the excursions were interesting. After class we were served delicious food in a restaurant. We had a great time in Conil and the Academia had really made a huge effort to make it as interesting as possible for us. I have to say that the week was quite stressful because there were so many activities, but it was worth it. My only complaint is that we didn’t have enough time in Cádiz and in Seville to explore the cities on your own. But with Isabel we had an excellent tour guide. She explained everything in Spanish to us and showed us the most important and beautiful sights in both cities (such as the Cámara Oscura in Cádiz and the Queen Maria Luisa Park in Seville). The Spanish classes were simply terrific. It was fun and relaxed and we were only allowed to speak Spanish. This improved our language skills enormously. Our apartments were clean, spacious and beautiful.

Kudos for the Academia Andaluza and greetings from the less relaxed Germany.


Dear employees of the Academia Andaluza, First of all, a big thank you! During our stay in Conil we learnt a whole lot and gained practical experience. Our teacher Jesús showed us that learning a foreign language can be a lot of fun. His kind and open nature helped to create a very positive learning environment. Our accommodation was also very good. The programme of activities the school had organized for us was varied and highly commendable. Especially the trips to Seville and Cadiz were fascinating. Conil itself offers all possibilities to spend a wonderful holiday, and in combination with the language lessons this was a total success.

For us as a group it was a great opportunity to work together and to experience many wonderful moments. This trip will always be a good memory to me. Thank you!


The Academia Andaluza – My first language course

I had never attended a language course or participated in such a programme before, because I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I would be able to take away from it. Until I took a Spanish language course at the Academia Andaluza in Conil. From day one, we were looked after as if we were old friends; the staff was always friendly and ready to answer typical German tourist questions and explain some very practical and useful things to us. The lessons were never boring, often spiced up with little jokes from the teacher. I liked the Spanish mentality and lifestyle (siesta, fiesta and not so much work) and would have loved to take some of it home with me. The excursions with Isabel were very well organized, including packed lunches and some free time to spend our money.

To anyone who is interested in a language school and wants to get to know both the language and the traditions of the people of Andalusia, I can highly recommend a visit to the Academia Andaluza.


On the first day after the flight to Malaga we took a bus to the small tourist town of Conil and were welcomed by the manager of the school. The first evening I went with a couple of girlfriends to explore the beach and the town. On Sunday we took a bus to Seville, and after a guided tour were given some time to explore the city in small groups on our own. The Spanish lessons started on Monday, and the interesting thing was that our teachers did not speak German, so we were forced to speak Spanish. We worked through everything we had learned in the past few years at home and practised speaking and expressing ourselves. We spent two afternoons on the beach, went on a tapa tour with the director of the school and on Wednesday took a trip to Cádiz. On the last night we went to a restaurant and had paella.

All in all it was a beautiful language trip with plenty of different activities and good weather.


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